About QCube


Hey there,

so this is me QCube or Lukas if you ask for a real name. I am in my early twenties now an just love to be creative. I try to manifest my creativity in many different forms of art. I am playing musical instruments, making my own music, drawing sketches and digital art, shooting photos and videos, develop web and mobile applications, dream a lot and write this blog. I program for a living currently(I am an apprentice atm. but it’s not far to go anymore) which brought me to the idea to create this blog.

One of my friends happily agreed to work on this blog with me. He’ll provide content as well. I have big plans for our blog. A whole lot of different topics, ideas and projects I would love to share and discuss with you. So make sure to follow our actions and this blog!

Enjoy your stay at our blog!

Lukas K.
aka QCube