Wellcome to our blog!

The main purpose of this blog is to show you some of our creative work. A lot of thoughts are the result of the projects we are doing, sometimes together, sometimes seperated. The thoughts and results were searching for an outlet and this blog came to live.

As we gain experience in our doings, so do you as we will share everything we learn, do, create and think with you.

Every artist will benefit from this blog, be it you’re a photographer, designer, painter, illustrator, musician, filmmaker, freerunner, writer or any other kind of creative working person. We will present a variety of topics with adaptions onto processes and thoughts in general that every artist, regardles of his craft, is facing.

If you’re interrested in who we are individualy and what we are doing, check out the individual pages About Makograph and About QCube.We realy hope you enjoy the time you spend on our blog!

Verry kind regards,

Makograph & QCube