One Lone Bicycle


So I am working a few kilometers away from home and am driving there by car every morning. Some time ago I recognized a bicycle left allone near the road besides a field.

I drove past it for some weeks and when the sund began to sat earlier, the bike started to produce more and more satisfying images to my eye. I felt the urge to capture the mood it made me feel when driving past it. I think every photographer will understand what I am talking about. It was this feeling that it would be a crime to not stop and take a picture.

Finaly, one morning I decidet and took my mirrorless sony camera out to work with me. On my way home I stoped and took some pictures. But the sun sat too low I thought, I missed the moment… and when checking the few pictures at home I was disapointed. I stuffed them in some folder on my hard drive and thought about never thinking back at them ever again.

But time past and one evening I came home just tired from work and projects and stuff to do and I forgor about my important scool project for an hour and edited this pictures. When editing them I saw what I wanted to picture on that day but what I thought to have missed. So I gave some friends the opportunity to pic their favourites, which were for obvious reasons the following two images:

dsc01177 dsc01183

You can click on them to enlarge them further if you like. I hope you enjoyed this pictures. I know they have some flaws on them and I thought about taking some new, but the bike went shortly after I took the pictures… thats the sadness and the beauty of photography there for you. Capturing moments that you can never bring back again!

Have a good one,



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