Cooldown – Hochkalterhiking


After a good night of sleep we walked down the remaining 800 meters of height and reached our car finaly. Not that it was easy, our muscles only started to hurt and burn and we began to recognize all the wounds that we didn’t notice the evening before because we were too tired to do so. Cleary, our adventure didn’t stop there!

We took out our swimming-shorts and went to take a short bath in one of the lakes there were. The water was incredibly cold. It reminded me of the one time I had to cross a melting water river barefoot. Happily, this was standing water and the temperature close to 0 degrees didn’t hurt that much. But it was soooo refreshing. Our tires muscles were thankfull to us I think 😀

As we had some time left, we went to a nearby museum. It’s the “House of Mountains” or “Haus der Berge” in german. It covers a lot of different interresting topics about the nearby mountains of the Hochkalter massiv. It’s a definite must see if you’re interrested in the nature around the mountains there. We only had two hours there so I will visit it again someday to take a closer look at everything it had in stock. It’s not expencive but has a whole lot of value to it. These are just three of many great exponates they had there. I won’t show you more, so you will have to take a trip there yourself 🙂

dsc00807_runterskaliert-89 dsc00807_runterskaliert-90

After the two painfull hours in the museum (The 2000+ meters up and down over the weekend graved it’s memory into our muscles, remember?), we set out back home. Eventualy we finaly arrived and could go to sleep in our own beds, to rest for another week of ordinary work…

I hope you all enjoyed my four parted storry about our hike on the Hochkalter.

See you next week with some new storries 🙂

Greets QCube!

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