Remembering Amsterdam… real quick


Well honestly, I just hadn’t had much time today to give you a full blown post because I write an exam in two days… but who has time these days anyway? But do we realy have no time… ?The truth is, the 24 hours of our day get filled without us doing much about it. But I remember that, when I was in Amsterdam, I managed to fit a whole lot of fun into the tiniest of timeframe. How did I do so you ask? Well… I didn’t actualy. But maybe that’s the secret. It’s all it takes. Let your time be your time.

I guess I have to explain it a little bit more so that you understand me correctly. If you have important stuff to do you probably prioritize it over a bunch of other things, right? This doesn’t feel very natural mostly. But what happens in your free time? Exactly the same and thats the mistake. By planing out everything we oftenly steal ourself a whole lot of fun that would appear in the proces spontainiously.

So the next time you have some free time, no mater how much try the following:

Just don’t plan anything in particular. When the time comes up, do what you want. You will be astonished what comes up in your mind. One day I just wanted to go outside when it was raining strongly. So I did and it was a refreshing experience (Ha. Ha. 😉 ). The same happened in Amsterdam. We didn’t plan anything and it became the best trip I had yet. Sometimes I just want to sleep and have crazy and funny dreams (honestly you don’t need a tv anymore if you have my dreams, they are realy entertaining… 😀 )

For sure sometimes you just don’t have the posibility to do so and sometimes it doesn’t make any sence, but when you have the oportunity, go ahead and just do it!

Good luck and have fun trying that. I’m convinced you will like it 🙂



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