Cloudy Mountains and Tired Hikers


As the end of my hiking storry draws closer, I want to share a whole load of breathtaking pictures with you!

So last time I told you how we reached the peak. You could think well, the hard part has past, but verry wrong! The hardest part was yet to come… . But with it the more remarkable part as well.

While we gave our best not to die, the day began to end and the sun came very low…


To get off the height and to get to our destination for the approaching night we had to hike along the crest of the mountain for some time. As you can imagine, there were a lot of steep cliffs right AND left besides us and some of us were even a little scared (to death…). But not me of course 🙂 . I was  pretty confident that I would come down alive eventualy. But I wasn’t that sure to say that about my camera gear. One time I slipped on some gravel and my sony bumped aginst a sollid wall pretty harsh. After I came down where I was climbing I checked it and it seemed like the SD Card decidet to pass out. But luckily after a couple of panic-driven tries it came alive again 😀


Starting there I stored my cam a little more cautious when we had to climb. We had to climb two nearly vertical walls twice on out way down. One was a little shorter but more vertical, the other was not that steep but longer.

While we gave our best not to die (A little exaggeration here :P), the day began to end and the sun came very low. On one hand this was a good thing for my photographs, on the other hand it ment that we were verry slow and could end up climbing down in the dark just as we started on our way up. But I concentrated on the positives and made the following pictures you can look at now:

dsc00807_runterskaliert-63 dsc00807_runterskaliert-68

One more verry special picture I could take was the verry end of the day. It was rather dark to take pictures already but I went for it and made it with a long exposure. I like it, because it captures the mood of the mountain. A hut that looks so small in comparison to the seemingly endless mountains, that hide in the haze of the ending day… .


At this point I was realy too tired to walk. It costed me some energy to get myself to do bring up the necesarry effort to do this picture good but now I will always remember how I took it.

The others already went ahead. They didn’t notice I stayed behind I guess. We all just got motivated again by the view of the small distance left to reach the well deserved rest we all were longing for… but I sat down, made some settings (40mm, f/4, 1s, +0.7, ISO160, Self-timed), placed the cam on some rocks carefully and triggerd the release…

We ended the day with a good meal and a beer and went to bed as soon as we finished eating. I fell asleep fast which is no wonder after such an exausting day. Some great memories were made. I will make one more post about our trip to the Alps because the next day was verry interresting as well but it’s not gonna be about the hike itself anymore that much. So stay tuned, subscribe to our newsletter on the right if you didn’t do it yet and tell us what you think, what you experienced on such and similar trips and what you would like to see us writing and shooting about.

Have a good one!


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