Rocks and Flowers, Birds and Clifs

dsc00807_runterskaliert-37Like promised last time, today I’ll show you some more pictures of our hike to the top of the hochkalter. On our way to the top I discovered some flowers, growing in this harsh conditions in solitude between hard rocks…


Obviously, they make the nice mountain even more beautifull.

Another creature that lives at the peak of the hochkalter is the dohle (bergdohle/mountain dohle). It’s a small black bird that seem to only be alive due to the hikers that feed them. They don’t fear us humans verry much and come realy close once you start eating something. Their nests are hidden on the steep clifs, where no human can reach them that easily (top of post).


Closer to the peak, we got to an small plateau and had a good view on the back of the mountain. This is it and as you can tell it’s verry, verry steep…


Luckily we hadn’t to take that path, even though we even had to climb two nearly vertical walls on our way down later. I had to keep myself calm to not start to panic when I had trouble finding a good step even if I knew exactly I had enougth practise in climbing to get down with the worst of hold. Obviously, I came down unharmed again. I’ll tell you next time how the day ended and how we spent the next one (some interresting and funny stuff comming on 🙂 )

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