Hiking the Hochkalter


Hey everyone!

Today I’m starting to tell you a story I was dying to tell you! It’s our recent hike on the Hochkalter, a 2607m or about 8553 feet high mountain in the verry South of Germany. It’s the second highest mountain that’s completely on Germanys terrain. It was an awesome experience and the highest mountain I climbed untill now.

I will split this storry into three and maybe a fourth bonus part, as I managed to take a lot of pictures and I would like to show you some of them :). Also just too much happend in this short period of time to tell you in a single post.

So let’s get started! Our tour began at a friends home at friday evening. The four of us got into one car and drove down about 500 kilometers to the south. When we finaly got where we had to go it was about 3:30 am. But instead of going to sleep we packed our stuff and got started with our hike. The first few kilometers were pretty dark but they werent verry spectacular anyway, so the first photos I took were the one down here and the one up in the start of the post. I took them in the dawn obviously.


Partialy I could make use of the “Golden Hour” but the motives I could shoot were pretty limited. Still I got some decent pictures. The next photo shows our first stop. At round about 7 o’clock we got our sleeping bags out and slept for about two hours. One of our friends had to do some oxygen mesurements at a cave as he was helping another friend to observe a special phenomenon. This was our view from our first stop:


We stopped right at the foot of the first gravel field. The next hour or two we were climbing this gravel field. After we got past it, I made the following shot. As you can see, it starts to get pretty steep already…


We’ll stop here for now and proceed next time with some really steep ways. I’ll show you how we got to the top and who was waiting for us there…

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