Some Artistic Shots – The Wettenberghike

Hey Folks,

like promised, here are some more shots from our hike to the Wettenberg. This time they are somehow more artistic or unconventional.


The first one is a bench under an stone arc in front of an stone wall. It just didn’t look quite right in color, so I made it black and white. I hope the result speaks for itself 😀

The second one is a shot of a wall. Yes. It realy looked just as dumb as it sounds. I stood in front of a wall and photographed the structure. But I just wanted to get an image like that and I got it. Despite the strange looks from a guy whom house I photographed earlier… but don’t be affraid of being a little weird. As long as you don’t look dangerous, people may laught but will leave you in peace (most of the time… I hope… :D).


The third didn’t looked like a good picture to me at first glance(And It really is pretty blurry…). I saw a good shot, but I didn’t get it how I wanted it. But when editing it I recognized the three colors of the leafs were staging out in comparison to the rest (looking like candy 😛 ). So I made them stronger and stripped the rest of the image of it’s collor. Vuala, this picture 🙂


So, go through your folders once again and try to make fairly simple shots look good by finding the right fitting editing style by just messing with the settings. Because some people forget to play arround when they optimized their working process to certain moves.

Stay playfull!

Want to get one of the two first images for some purpose? Look over here!

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