Hiking on the Wettenberg

dsc01087Recently we went hiking with a big group of friends. We went to the Wettenburg, a castle located on the Wettenberg. It wasn’t a long way there, because not everyone could walk that fast as we had kids and more elderly people with us. So I had plenty of time to stop here and there to shoot some photographs.

Here are some shots of flowers, animals and a stairway. The stairway leads to the tower of the castle.


As I can hear you asking for landscapes, yes I did some! Next week I’ll show them to you seperately. I did some other interresting shots that I will show seperately as well in a future post.

dsc00906 dsc01015

This shots are all taken with my Sony a7 and an adapted 28mm 2.8 Tokina lense. I plan on doing a post about the adaption off old lenses to new mirrorless cameras. Maybe we even will make a comparison between mirrorless and usual DSLR’s in the future.

dsc01071 dsc01074

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Have a good week!

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