Representing Amsterdam: This Shot

dsc00180This is one of my favourite shots from my trip to Amsterdam. It was also one of the hardest to get. And the camera settings weren’t the only dificulty. The bigest problem was that to get this shot with the lensesetting I wanted, I had to stand in the exact middle of a road. I nearly got hit by bisyclists and people driving on their scooters multiple times till I got this shot somehow, more or less satisfied with the result (By the way, never be fully satisfied with the result. If you are, you won’t be after a week anyway so better find a better way of doing it instantly!).

But the scenery was definitively worth it! It has multiple things that are just so representing of Amsterdam: The bike, the canal, the trees around it, the boats, the houses, the little flag-sticker on the box on the bike, the smiley sticker beside it… .

Tell me what you think is a thing that instanly shouts “Amsterdam!” when you see it! There are still a lot of photos remaining from Amsterdam that I would love to show you, but I feel like we need to go on already ^^. So stay tuned for some new content from a different location on Sunday 🙂

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