Long Exposure in Noordwijk – Netherlands


Read on to learn how to do shots similar to this one…

First of all, here’s the gear and the settings I used.

Camera: Nikon

Lens: Sigma 50mm f 1,4

ISO: 100 Aperture: f 16

Shutter Speed: 10 sek.

I took this photo with my neutral density filter because obviously, it’s a long exposure. On 1st August we went to noordwijk, which is a coast in the Netherlands. We were lucky that there was nice and warm weather, so we could swim in the sea! Ok now the important thing, I took this image at 8:08pm when it was already dark. Why did I wait until it got dark? Very easy. To overexpose it! I finally wanted to try out a long exposure effect on the water because I thought it might look very nice. You can try this out also next time you will be by a coast. Good luck!



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