Weekend Trip to Amsterdam

dsc00137_1Recently I went to Amsterdam for one weekend and it was awesome! 

Okay, so I don’t even know where to start and what to tell you first. To prepare you, there will be two more Posts soon where I’m going to post some more pictures from this trip and talk about them from a photographers perspective (even though I’m just a hobbyist for now :D). Today I will tell you some general stuff about the Trip, so if you’re interested in the city itself more than in photographic techniques, then this is the post for you.

So this summer I was talking to a friend and we found out we both wanted to visit Amsterdam for some time. As there were no reasons why we should not just go to Amsterdam for a weekend, we decided to gather some more people and just do it. Said and done, some weeks from then we drove up there. As we live near Frankfurt we were driving about 400 kilometers. The six of us booked a hotel for two nights and set off after work on Friday.

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Saturday we stood up, ate breakfast at the hotel and went to the city. The whole day we were simply wandering around and enjoying our stay. We hadn’t any specific goal in mind and this seems to have made this trip so awesome. There was no stress, no time pressure, no argues. When we saw a boat that would make a one hour tour around the canals of Amsterdam we quickly decided to hop on, when we got hungry, we looked out for a restaurant to eat something and so on. At the end of the day when we were driving the tram to the train station to get back to our hotel, we saw that we actually walked a pretty decent bit and saw almost two thirds of the city.

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I found a couple of things which I plan to look at more closely when I’m going there again in the future, but I do absolutely not regret not having anything particular in sight for the first visit. For example, I found a nice analog Minolta camera and a nice AF Minolta lens (soon in other posts as well) on a flea market that we accidentally ran into. I got a really good price for it. Even though my friends lost sight of me for some time and were searching all over the place for me (sorry for that again ^^) it was worth a short side trip.

Overall, it’s not that important what exactly you do there, just keep an open mind.

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And it truly is a unique city. It would take too long to tell you everything I liked about it. The feeling you get when you are there is just indescribable! We had so much fun, we joked and laughed all day (and no, we didn’t smoke anything), took photos, bought some souvenirs, tried out some things (for instace a virtual reality demo), talked to the locals, … . We simply had a lot of fun! Overall, it’s not that important what exactly you do there, just keep an open mind. Then you absolutely will enjoy this beautiful city, maybe even just as much as we did!

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