My Cat Rasty

dsc00866Today I want to show you some photos of my cat. If you have a cat you surely know that cats have something that forces you to take pictures of them. But to not annoy you with cat-photos again and again I decided to place some pics at once and to not post cat photos again soon. So without further ado, let me introduce to you…


My cat named Rasty!

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As you probably can tell, he’s pretty fat. Although he’s been terminally ill, he got fat and 11 years old. He had cat leukouse probably since he was born and it’s truly a miracle that he is well now, as he was really sick for some years.

He’s a mixture of some unknown cat and a perser cat, which explains his thick fur, but despite being that fluffy he seem to be cold often in winter and is searching for warmth on my bed at night. But mostly he’s sleeping in his favorite box near my table.

He likes to be pettet when he wants you to, but hates it if you just pet him when you like to. So sometimes he’s getting angry and starts to fight you with all his might. Some other day I might tell you some funny stories about Rasty. If you have questions feel free to ask :). Follow my Instagram if you want to see photos of rasty from time to time 😉

dsc00847_1 dsc00823_1

But now, one question remains. It’s the mystery scientists started to monitor in the old Egypt and still keep struggling with today: Why are cats so attracting to us photographers!? There seem to be no day, not action of your cat that is able to remain undocumented. Every funny pose your cat makes, every playing session, just every single move seem to be screaming to be photographed.

I personally think there are several very good reasons for this and therefore a plausible explanation to the internet phenomenon cat.

  • The first is that cats are always available. Especially if you keep your cat at home, if you have to test your camera settings, the cat is right there and often enough the first best thing to photograph.
  • The second might be, that cats are funny, cute and charismatic. Some may argue this one, but for people who love cats, there is rarely a more entertaining creature. Cats show facial expressions in multiple facets and attract our views by their playfulness. And if we like something, we are more likely to take a (whole)lot of pictures of it.
  • The third could be toxoplasmosis. If you don’t know what this is, feel free to look it up on wikipedia if you’re not too disgusted by parasites. What it does to mice is, it takes their fear of cats so that the cats can easily eat them. But this parasite can infect humans as well and the effect is not completely clear. So it might affect us in a similar way, it could make us love cats more. And as there are a lot of cats, a lot of people might be infected without knowing and the cat power of this world could control the world from the shadows…

dsc00441_1 dsc00442_1

But who knows 😀

And really, who cares? Even if we know why, it won’t change anything. Cats still will take up the third of our memory sticks, parasite on our facebook and instagram feeds and fill our youtube-time. Maybe even forever…


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