Wildlife Reserve Federsee

img_20160913_165233This summer was packed with a whole lot of awesome weekend trips for me and one of the best so far was my trip to Biberach in South Germany. I will probably tell you a little bit more about this particular trip on another ocasion. For now lets focus on the Wildlife Reserve Federsee.

Willi_Samstag (23 von 28)

If you look at this picture a friend of mine, his name’s Willi (Here’s his instagram by the way), took there, you pretty much have seen it all allready. The Federsee is a former lake, but it’s more of a swamp with a whole lot of reeds in there like you can tell from the picture. The woodwalk you see in the picture is the only way in and out of the lake. For nearly 20 minutes it goes straight throught nothing but reeds, an endless field of em, untill you finaly reach something you actualy could call a lake. You can find some animals like frogs and fishes, but there isn’t much to see really.

Some may consider this boring, but the space gives you a lot of place to be creative. On one hand you’re restrictet to the given circumstances, on the other hand your mind is free to wander. I’m on the right in the picture, to my left you can see two other friends. During the walk we played a game with the friend on the left that probably looked funny from aside. We sat the goal to sit on every bench there were for at least 5 seconds. They had a lot of benches along the way!

Sooner or later we started jumping on the handrails and ballancing on them or doing other tricks. As we both did and I still do parkour, this seemed a natural thing to do :D. This was the moment Willi saw a oportunity to take a good shot. He gave us the order to put our hands out, and made the picture you can look at now.

Such and similar experiences show you how much you most likely miss in everyday live. If you can make so much out of nearly nothing, do you really need more things in your life? I had some really great and deep talks with old friends on that day, some of them left me thinking for some time.

So if you’re ever happen be in Biberach for some reason and have some spare time to spend outdoors in good weather, you should go and take a look around the Federsee. The entrance fee is about 2€ which is used for maintaining the woodwalk, but it’s worth it if you want to chill out a little. Don’t leave out the possibility to take a walk outside of the lake as well as you can find a unique place there. There’s something hidden named the Wackelwald, or wiggle forrest. It’s a dryed out swamp which left the ground and trees wiggle if you jump on it. Maybe the small lake and the wiggle forrest get even more interresting in bad weather, who knows :)…



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